Nowadays written communication is the most common way of business communication.

In a business, it is possible to communicate internally, which means communication takes place between employers and employees in the whole company; or externally, which means communication involves external people such as clients, independent contractors and people who do not directly work for the company.  

There are also different types of written communication:

internal:                                             internal/external:                                         external:

- memo                                               - email                                                         - proposal

- minutes                                            - report                                                                               - brochures/flyers/catalogues

- instant messaging                            - business letter                             

Advantages of written communication

+ promoting the business by communicating well with the outside world

+ juridical solid evidence

+ easy to spread the word via e-mail, for example with mail shots

+ is more precise, explicit and reliable compared to a conversation


Disadvantages of written communication

- it is time-consuming and the feedback does not come immediately

- requires great skills and competencies in language and vocabulary use

- a personal relationship is not established easily

- a lot of administration work just by checking e-mails for example which can be very stressful

Structure of a typical letter:

1. Greeting

2. Opening Sentence                   

3. Reference to previous contact

4. Reason for writing

5. Giving information

6. Request/Enquiry

7. Attachments

8. Final comments

9. Closing

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