=1       Please translate the following words into English =

·         wählen –to dial

·         Gebühr(en) –fee(s)

·         Ziffer –digit

·         Notruf–emergency call

·         Rufumleitung– call forwarding, call divert

·         Besetzt – engaged

·         Nachricht/Notiz – message

·         Verbinden – to connect

·         Durchstellen – to put through, to transfer

·         Lauter sprechen – to speak up

·         Vorwahl- country code/ dialing code/ area code

·         Durchwahl- extension number

=2       Complete the following sentences: =

·                    I'm sorry you must have ... the wrong number.(dialed)

·                    Could you ... up a little, please? I can hardly hear you. (speak)

·                    Could you ... on, please? I will connect you. (hold)

·                    The line´s free now, I´ll ... you through (put).

·                    I´m afraid the line´s ... Could you call back later? (busy)

·                    Hold the … ,please. (line)

·                    Would you like to leave a …? (message)

·                    Who’s …, please? (calling)

·                    I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you … that, please? (repeat)

·                    Could you … me with Mr. Jones, please? (connect)

·                    I´m sorry. I didn´t quite …… your name. (catch)

·                    Hello, GF Electronics, Linda ……. How can I …..? (speaking, help)

3   Please translate into English:

·         Könnte ich bitte den Grund Ihres Anrufs erfahren?

o   Would you mind telling me what you're calling about?

·         Es nimmt niemand ab.

o   There is no reply.

·         Könnten Sie das bitte buchstabieren?

o   Could you spell that, please?

·         Ich gehe ran (Telefon). Mach Dir keine Sorgen.

o   I´ll answer it. Don´t worry.

·         Spreche ich mit ...?

o   Am I talking to ...?

·         Kann ich etwas ausrichten?

o   Can I take a message?

·         Wer ist am Apparat?

o   Who’s calling please?

·         Von wo aus rufen Sie an?

o   Where are you calling from?

·         Sind Sie sicher, dass  Sie die richtige Nummer haben?

o   Are you sure you have the right number?

·         Die Verbindung ist sehr schlecht. Können Sie etwas lauter reden?

o   The line is very bad. Could you speak up please?

=4       Rewrite the sentences to make them more polite in form of a question =

a)    Tell me your Number.(Could you give me your phone number, please?)     


b)    I don´t know how to write your name.(Could you spell your name for me, please?)


c)    I don´t know you.(Excuse me; could you give me your name again?)


d)    Say it again. (Could you repeat your name/number?)


e)    I repeat. (May I repeat that?)


5     Controlling native speakers. Write an example sentence how you could….

a)    Interrupt someone politely (I´m sorry, could I just come in here?)


b)    check that you have understood topic (Sorry, did I understand you correctly….?)


c)    reduce the speed of the native speaker (Could you speak a bit more slowly, please?)


d)    request more information (Could you give me more details, please?)


e)    show understanding (I think I can really understand you now in your situation.)


=5       Dealing with angry callers. Combine the sentences with the right topic, multiple answers are possible =

a) Acknowledging the caller´s angry

ž    How can we solve this?

ž    There seems to be a problem. Please tell me more

ž    This sounds serious

b) Finding out what the problem is

ž    What options do we have?

ž    Is there something wrong?

ž    You sound upset.

c) Getting a suggestion for a solution

ž    What issues do we have to deal with?

ž    So what do you think we should do now?

ž    What is the problem exactly?

=6       Ending your call. Write about two sentences to … =

a)    close the call (That´s about all, I think. / Well. / Right. / Fine. Speak to you soon)



b)    confirm the main points (OK, so we´ve agreed that … / Right. We´ll …)



c)    talk about the next contact (I´ll call you next week. /  Would you call me once you´ve …?)



d)    look forward (I look forward to hearing from you. / I´ll wait for your reply/I´ll be in contact)



e)    say thank you and goodbye(Thank you for your time. / It´s been nice talking to you.)



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