Four steps to a successful phone interview

Speak slowly and clearly Talking to someone on the phone can be difficult, especially if you do so in a foreign language. Speaking slowly and clearly helps you and your interlocutor.

Check understanding Ensure that you and your counterpart both have understood everything correctly. It helps to summarize the important outcomes of the telephone conversation

Telephone practice Practice different situations in advance with a friend, which helps you to get more and more familiar with typical telephoning expressions and will boost your confidence greatly.

Learn telephone etiquette Be careful who you talk to. Phrases you might use with a friend are not appropriate when it comes to formal business conversations.

Typical phrases on the phone '

Answering the phone

  • Hello? (informal)

  • Thank you for calling BoyzAutobody. Jody speaking. How can I help you?

Introducing yourself

  • Hi ______. It's_____calling. (informal)

  • Hello, this is______from the______ office. (formal)

Asking to speak to someone

  • Is_____ in? (informal)

  • Is_____there, please? (informal)

  • May/Can I speak to Mr. /Mrs. ______ ,please? (formal)

Connecting someone

  • Just a sec. I'll get him. (informal)

  • Hang on a sec. (informal)

  • Please hold and I'll put you through to his/her office. (formal)

  • One moment please. (formal)

  • All of our operators are busy at the moment. Please hold and you will be connected with the next person available. (very formal)

Problems understanding

  • Could you repeat that, please?

  • Would you mind spelling that for me?

  • Can you speak a little slower, please? My English is not very good. Sorry.

Taking a message for someone

  • ______ is not in. Who's this? (informal)

  • I'm sorry, _____ is not at his desk at the moment. May I ask who is calling? (formal)

  • Would you like to leave a message for him? (formal)

  • He's busy right now. Would you mind calling again later? (formal)

Confirming information

  • Okay, I've got it all written down.

  • Let me repeat that just to make sure.

  • Did you say______?

  • You said your name was ______, right?

Finishing a conversation

  • Well, I guess I better get going. Talk to you soon.

  • Thanks for calling. Bye for now.

  • I have to let you go now.

  • I have got another call coming through. I better run.

  • I'll talk to you again soon. Bye.

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