1. Explain the different positions mentioned below by giving examples of their tasks and responsibilities. Then think of a form of hierarchy, who reports to whom.  Bearbeiten

Supervisory board/ Board of directors


Vice president






Senior manager

Junior manager

Line manager

Middle manager

Back office staff


Employees/ Members of staff

Shop-floor workers

Head of department


2. Fill in the missing words:Bearbeiten


The most important managers of the company (___________) are placed here, for example the Chief Officers (____ for the executive tasks, ___ for the financial tasks, _____ for the operative tasks). These people have the highest responsibility, the biggest _______________.

The ________________ (US-English: president) is the boss of the board. 

They are appointed and supervised by the _________________, which consists of the investors.


These are the different areas in the company. A department is managed by the __________________. Often, there are different steps of management structure. The _____________ is the line manager of the ____________, who is the line manager of the ___________.

The people, who work for the company are called _________, ________ or ______. If you work with them, they are your ________ or __________.


staff | COO | managerial level | Departments | Board of Directors | colleagues | junior manager | CEO | supervisory board | middle manager | senior manager | chairman / chairperson | employees | personal | CFO | head of department | co-workers | span of control

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