1. Simulate a typical meeting 

Get together in groups of 4 or 5 people and videotape your own meeting. Allocate the roles and check that each participant understands his role.


Choose: 1 Chair, 1 proponent, 1 opponent and 1 cameraman 

Think about some current topics, something that all participants can talk about and decide on a topic. Then note down some thoughts about your role and your attitude towards the topic. When you are ready, the Chair opens the meeting. While debating with each other the cameraman films your meeting. Afterwards there is the possibility to watch the film, give some feedback and improve your meeting skills. 

2. Cloze Test 

Complete the following sentences with the vocabulary below. 

Chair   share   accomplished    wrap up    vote   adjourn 

volunteered    brainstorm   address   collaborating   allocate 

1. We didn't get much _____ yesterday, so let's try harder today. 

2. I' m going to _____ ten minutes to each of you to give his or her comments. 

3. Anne, would you like to be in charge and _____ the meeting today? 

4. I have important information I'd like to _____ with you. 

5. Let's take a few minutes and _____ some ways to cut costs. 

6. The project team fell apart because they had problems ______. 

7. I hope that's the end of it. I never want to have to _____ this again. 

8. If there are no questions, I'd like to _____ the meeting until tomorrow. 

9. Has anyone ______ to take the minutes? 

10. It's time that we ______ for a new chair, now that Dennis is stepping down. 

11. Let's ______ here so that we can get back to our desks. The meeting is closed. 

3. Preparing a meeting 

 3.1 Calling a meeting 

Write an E-Mail in which you invite your colleagues to attend a meeting. You can choose your own topic. In the following you can see an example that guides you through this task. Use the structure of this example. 





Content (date, location, participants etc.)


3.2 Writing an Agenda 

In order to keep the meeting within a set time frame and discuss the topics that are supposed to be discussed, it is important to have an agenda. The agenda should be divided into certain objectives and a time frame should be scheduled and observed.

Write a typical agenda for a meeting which includes at least 7 topics and think about how long you will talk about each topic during the meeting. 

Typical structure:

1. Welcome/open meeting- 5 min

2. Review of prior minutes meeting(s)- 10 min

3. Purpose of the topic of discussion- 2 min

4. Old business or open issues- 5 min

5. New business such as specific points to be discussed — this section is where the bulk of the discussion as well as decisions in the meeting usually takes place- 25 min

6. Other issues; allowing a participant to raise another point for discussion.- 10 min

7. Close meeting to include review of key points, discussion of assignments, communications plan for what to tell others not in the meeting, and confirmation of the next meeting, if any.- 5 min


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