1.    General

An attitude depends on the way we think about a certain topic. Depending on the situation, an attitude can be changed, if you decide to think differently about this topic.

This can happen very quickly when more information is added and therefore we get a new picture of the situation.

People behave according to their attitude.

Through repetition the attitude is intensified. This creates personal moral systems.

Repetition associated with rewards can especially trigger an attitude change and therefore a new view of the situation will develop.

2.    How do we develop an attitude?

Central way:

All information provided will be processed. The person decides on the basis of facts and good arguments. The central way aims for a good long-term decision. The attitude develops by weighing up the pros and cons.

Peripheral way:

An opinion is formed on the basis of the current incoming flow of information, which does not need to be complete. It may also include impulses, which are only relevant at that moment of time. The results of the peripheral way are not well thought through on a long term basis.

3.    Criteria to change an attitude

In business, communication techniques are used to persuade people to change their opinion quickly- mostly for one´s own benefit. This increases the likelihood that you buy something you don’t really need.

Some criteria are:

-       The seller explains to the customer that the product is extremely important for him.

-       The seller takes advantage of the time pressure of the customer or introduces his own time pressure.

-       The seller points out that the resources are scarce.

-       The seller refers to other customers who would buy the product immediately.

-       In a good mood one is willing to buy products more easily, therefore a nice small talk or some relaxing music or some beautiful odor is often used to bring the customer into a good mood.

-       In contrast to that, some people buy things when they are in a bad mood, which can develop into a "spending spree".

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