The following tasks will help you to confidently use active listening skills.

Depending on the group size you can choose either a partner or a group task.

These tasks are only some examples in order to train active listening skills. Feel free to modify them or invent new ones.

Task 1: Listening and repeating (partner task)Bearbeiten

Describe a situation (e.g. the way you travelled to the DHBW this morning) to your partner. Give at least ten facts or sentences. Your partner has to listen carefully and after you have finished he has one minute to summarize your story using at least seven of the ten facts you have mentioned.

When you have finished, swap roles.

Task 2: Discussing (partner task)Bearbeiten

Find a controversial topic you can discuss (e.g. who was first? Chicken or egg?). Then write down some arguments for or against it. (one of you being for it and the other one being against it).

After one minute start the discussion and try to give your partner the feeling that you understand her/his points although you are, of course, still trying to convince her/him of your opinion.

Task 3: Using the skills (group task (3++))Bearbeiten

Choose two people: one is the storyteller and one is the listener. The other members of the group are the observers.

The listener leaves the room for a few minutes and the storyteller has to think of a story he can talk about for a few minutes (e.g. your last holiday). During that process the observers make a list with active listening skills.

When the listener comes back the storyteller tells him his story (at least three minutes) and the listener has to try and to use as many active listening skills as possible.

The observers take notes which skills he uses and how often he does so.

In the end discuss the result (which skills were used most often, which skills gave the storyteller the feeling that the listener was really listening, which skills have maybe not been really convincing, etc.).

Of course you can swap roles and repeat this task.

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