Active listening is a communication technique to confirm that both parties understand each other.

Why do we listen?Bearbeiten

·         Out of interest

o   Topic

o   Person

o   Information

·         Just to be polite

·         Because we want to get to know a person

·         Because we are forced to

·         If I listen to you, you listen to me

·         Enjoyment/fun

·         For educational reasons

·         Because we are curious

·         In order to solve a problem

How do we actively listen?Bearbeiten

·         Phrases and filler words such as: I understand, mhm, aha, ok, What?, Really?, Yeah?,  I agree, I see, sure

·         Nodding

·         Further questions: W-Questions

·         Smiling

·         Open body posture

·         Paraphrasing (restating the same only with other words)

·         Summarizing

·         Checking understanding: so, did I understand you correctly, that it is…..

·         Having eye contact

Crib on how to listen activelyBearbeiten

·         Look: maintain eye contact

·         Inquire: ask (open) questions

·         Summarizing: So what you're saying is…, let me sum this up….

·         Take notes: in long conversations write down the keywords, but it is better to remember instead of writing everything down as this can be quite disruptive

·         Encourage: use encouraging filler words and show interest

·         Neutralize your own feelings: listen but see through other person´s eyes, do not judge

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